What’s New in E3 Platform Bronze Edition 2.5

Hard Drive Forensics Features:

  • Social media backup evidence is available for adding to E3 now. A social media backup is an archive with the user account data generated and downloaded directly from the social media accounts, for example, from Facebook.
  • New Windows 10 registry keys and values have been added to the existing and new categories of the Data Triage.
  • Microsoft Outlook Group Storage Files (.nst) are supported now.
  • Potential issue with the disk images parsing has been fixed.
  • Potential issue with E3 crash during the content analysis of OST mailstorage evidence has been fixed.
  • Possible issue with out of memory crash during the generation of report containing the Data Triage data has been fixed.

Mobile Data Acquisition/Parsing Changes:

  • Possibility to acquire multiple devices simultaneously has been added. Now you can drastically reduce your time spent for successive acquisition of devices as this feature allows you to acquire different devices in different combinations at one time, regardless of their type and number.
  • New Android Qualcomm EDL (physical) plug-in is available now. It can be used for physical acquisition of devices with Qualcomm processors being put into the EDL mode.
  • Support of iOS 13 has been added.
  • Support of Android 10 has been added.
  • Potential issue with SMS acquisition from Android devices has been fixed.
  • Potential issue with SMS parsing in imported BlackBerry 10 backups has been fixed.
  • Potential issue with obtaining the authentication data during physical acquisition of Android devices has been fixed.

General Changes:

  • Possibility to change the image size in the Thumbnails viewer has been added.
  • Link to the Paraben’s YouTube channel is available now in E3. Watch our step-by-step video instructions aimed at facilitating your work with E3. Note that collection of video records is constantly growing.
  • Minor GUI improvements for better user-experience have been made.
  • Overall stability has been improved.

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