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Internet Licensing – About This type of activation is preferable if you do not want to be confined to a single computer. With Internet licensing, you can use Electronic Evidence Examiner on any computer with a stable Internet connection. When you start Electronic Evidence Examiner and choose the Internet licensing type, you are offered to log in to the web license server with your Paraben user or E3 user credentials. Once Electronic Evidence Examiner connects to the web license server, it checks what packages are available for your account. If there are available packages (not activated currently on other computers), they become activated and you can start working with their functionality. Please note that if you have E3: Universal and some other E3 packages, only E3: Universal will be activated. Also, if you have multiple Product IDs for the same package, only one of them will be activated on your computer. If the connection with the server is lost for some reason, the status of your case will be saved and the started tasks will continue running. Your changes will not be lost and you will be able to resume working with your case once the connection is reestablished. When you close the Electronic Evidence Examiner application, your license becomes available for use on other computers. If your Electronic Evidence Examiner application closed down unexpectedly (e.g., your computer stopped working for an unexpected reason), your license will become available for use 30 minutes later. E3 Users You can connect to the web license server as a Paraben user or an E3 user created under your Paraben account. An E3 user is a subuser of your account that does not have access to your Paraben account and can only use all of your Electronic Evidence Examiner packages. Having E3 users allows you to provide other people with access to your Electronic Evidence Examiner packages without giving them the credentials to your main Paraben account. Besides, if you have multiple product IDs for the same package, you can create as many E3 users as necessary so they can use this package on multiple computers at the same time.

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